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Where appropriate, your submission should come with a test — either unit test or as a part of our integration test suite. See Writing new integration test for more details.

Nightly builds

Nightly builds and repositories for Fedora and RHEL are avaialable at

Ignoring common functions on the stack

To improve clustering of similar crashes done by ABRT Analytics, backtraces are first normalized to skip common functions like _start from glibc or __kernel_vsyscall from Linux kernel.

Such functions are listed in satyr/lib/normalize.c file.

Writing man pages

Man pages file can be written in AsciiDoc and then translated into the classic man page format. Man pages in AsciiDoc format are stored in doc/ directory. For example for libreport are placed in libreport/doc/.

To beter understand the issue, the following links shows man page written in Ascii:

The translated pages look as follows:


man asciidoc